Is a Torn Muscle with Torn Vessel Normal After Breast Augmentation?

2 weeks after I had a breast augmentation (submuscular 300cc silicone) I went to the hospital because my right breast all of a sudden started feeling really tight and getting larger and larger. After 10 minutes it was twice the size and VERY painful. I was being told it was a hematoma. Not a big deal. My doctor got there and he immediately did surgery to fix it because I was in so much pain. My doctor told me I had torn my muscle off the bone and tore vessels and blood was shooting out. Is this a freak accident?

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Hematoma complicating breast implant augmentation surgery

Unfortunately this can occur with breast implant augmentation and it sounds as if the problem was managed appropriately.

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Hematoma after breast augmentation

While a hematoma after breast augmentation due to a torn blood vessel or any other reason is neither desirable or normal, it can certainly happen to any patient with any surgeon.  You did exactly the right thing by contacting your plastic surgeon, and it seems like he performed exactly what you needed. 

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Breast Augmentation and Hematoma

Hematoma or bleeding can happen after any surgery and happens in breast augmentation cases anywhere from 1-5% of the times.  In cases where the bleeding is so rapid, urgent surgery is recommended.

I would recommend talking to your plastic surgeon to go over what you should or should not do until the surgery site has healed.

Good luck'

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Hematoma after breast augmentation

Hematomas do happen about 5% of the time after surgery, and sometimes we find a bleeding vessel, and sometimes we just find generalized oozing.  Your surgeon may have a better answer to the reason for your bleeding, but you did the right thing in getting to the hospital right away.  I hope the rest of your course is smooth.  Best wishes, nsn.

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Hematoma after breast augmentation

Your plastic surgeon is your best source of information for your particular case but the incidence of hematoma after breast augmentation is between 1-5% (depending on the study you read). The best treatment for a growing hematoma such as your is exactly what your plastic surgeon did, he operated and fixed it. We give post-op activity instructions to our patients to try to avoid this very thing but on occasion it can "just happen". I hope the rest of your recovery is uneventful.

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