I May Have Torn Internal Stitiches?

hi i am 4 days out of breast aug revision of left breast to which i had an internal plication procedure done. During the night i went to get up and may have pushed up a bit on my left side to which caused me considerable pain for what seemed like ages. Was this a muscle response or am i of risk of having torn my internal stitches.

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Pain after surgery

It is normal to have some pain with revision breast surgery.  Have your surgeon to evaluate you to rule out any problems.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Torn internal sutures

It is common to place capsulorraphy or "internal sutures" in various places during revisional surgery.  I find that patients often have pain when moving in certain ways after surgery during the healing process.  This is usually just a feeling from tension on the stitches and not breaking or pulling out the sutures.  If you notice abnormal swelling, shape of your breast or shifting of the implant position (especially when lying down), discuss this with your surgeon.

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I May Have Torn Internal Stitiches?

Pulling a suture itself would not cause pain, though the injury that may have pullled it could. There is no way those of us who answer RealSelf questions can give you reassurance that has any value. Only an exam by your surgeon can answer your question.


Thanks, best wishes.

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