Dental: Options for External Resorption Of Upper Canine. (photos)

8 years ago I had a spot on my canine, a dentist drilled it from the front only to have found he hit pulp, so he filled it, by 2010 I was diagnosed with resorption and told the tooth had to be extracted. Now 6 years later, I'm told there's also decay below the gums at the filling site and the tooth has to go. I need options to save the tooth or bests option after extraction as I have Metal sensitivities. 

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This tooth is definitely not savable. Your options are a fixed bridge or an implant and crown. The metal used for most implants is titanium. I haven't heard of a titanium allergy but you should consult your allergist. A full porcelain bridge can be placed if you don't want to go the implant route. This will give you a functional aesthetic result without any concern about metals. Another option is a zirconia implant, they don't have a long history so if you want to have result with a proven track record I suggest titanium. 

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