I have full upper and lower dentures and want them replaced with implants. More than anything I want my smile back. Advice?

I don't want dentures at all I have heard implants may be covered under Medicaid Is this true. Can my dentures be replaced with implants that resemble my original teeth from a photo maybe? What is the cost in Kansas for this.

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Yes, there is a solution, you can go for the must advanced protocol and proven solution, which is the NOBEL ALL ON 4 BY NOBEL BOICARE. you will have an immediate solution and you will have the teeth you always wanted, you will be able to have strong screw retained solution,there are other options with 6 implants, but you should go if you have the best conditions, for this procedure.

Dentures vs Implants

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Implants can definitely be a similar replacement for your original missing teeth.  I would recommend that you explore the option of All-on-4 and/or All-on-6, which is a one day transformation that takes you from removable teeth to fixed teeth with IV sedation in one office visit.


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Hello Michelle, thanks for write.
Dental impants is not covered by Medicaid, but if you are looking for economy i recommended you to go for dental tourism, where for example in DR is really cheapper than there. Also we provide free consultation if you mention RealSelf and quotes just sendind some pictures to our email. I hope it can help you.
Thanks and good luck!

Complete replacement of teeth with dental implants

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Medicaid does not cover for such procedures. If cost is an issue, then you might consider a simpler treatment option with implant-supported overdentures. Fixed implant-supported teeth will be higher cost but certainly more ideal and comfortable. You may consider financing options. See link below for examples of cost related to implant-supported overdentures.

H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD
Bethesda Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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Implant Supported Dentures

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This will not be covered by Medicaid nd a rough estimate is 40-50k for the entire process.  I would recommend seeing a board certified periodontist for a consultation.

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