Dental Implant fell out. What do I do?

I'm supposed to go in and get the permanent teeth attached to the implant in a week, but the temperary teeth along with the metal part the teeth screws into fell out. Now I just have a hole in my gums and nothing for the teeth to screw back into.

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It seems that the healing cap might have gotten loose and fallen out. Usually this is not a problem and your surgeon can assist the GP to place another one or just remove some gum to allow for impression

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Sometimes attachments to implants get loose

Most of the time, when a situation like you describe happens, it isn't the implant that came out, but the abutment/screw.  See your dentist asap, they may be able to proceed, or they may need a healing collar to develop the gum tissues again for a few weeks.  If the implant truly came out, it doesn't mean an implant can't be done, but would mean more time, as there needs to be some healing, then implant placed again, then the final restoration.  

Inconvenient, but not a failure.

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now u have two options if u want immediate restoration in that case - bridge or

  if u r ready to wait and want to save neighboring teeth - re-implantation after 4 months.

Nirav Patel, MDS, PhD
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