Could I get away with just an augmentation and no lift?!

I'm currently a large C, but hoping to be a D/DD. I'm 26, have 2 kids, age 4 and 5, with my first being breastfed. I want them to look natural and don't mind a semi sag, since I am a mom and don't plan on flaunting them to everyone. I would really just love to do the breast implant (silicone) to add volume back to my breasts, without getting a lift. I have 3 consultations set up with different doctors, my first one is in 5 days. Just wanting some feedback before the appts on what others think.

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Can i get away with an Augmentation and no lift?

Difficult to telll with only those pics but I would say possibly yes, I like to avoid lifts and a great sequence is have the augmentation first and if you do not like the appearance of your breast at 6 months you can always have a lift plus results are usually better when the procedures are done at different times, good luck!!

Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Enhancement Surgery

Getting away with is probably not the best goal of a life changing operation, I would suggest a small peri-areolar lift in order to give you the perky breasts you want

Ryan Neinstein, MD, FRCSC
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Dr. Kimberly Henry

Hello, thank you for your question! Yes, you could "get away" with just an augmentation and no lift; you will need to go with large implants, though, to achieve this. Best of luck!

Kimberly A. Henry, MD
Greenbrae Plastic Surgeon
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Depends on the size whether you need a lift

On the lateral picture, your nipple position is above the fold. That indicates if you would choose a larger implant, and a teardrop implant with biplanar placement, you may be able to avoid a lift. Other factors include the nipple to sternal notch distance. If this is less than 24 with the nipple above the fold, I have had a over 90% success rate of creating a natural looking breast without a lift with a larger, teardrop implant.

I would probably choose an Allergan 410 size 500 cc or larger teardrop gel cohesive implant placed biplanar. I would need exact measurements to determine the exact size and have you try them on. If it fit, larger would correct droop even more.

I find the teardrop, and the cohesive gel correct more droop. Allergan currently is the only manufacturer with the larger sizes in cohesive gel implants.

Benjamin Van Raalte, MD
Davenport Plastic Surgeon
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Do I really need a lift

Based on your photos, it does appear that you will benefit from a lift with augmentation or without augmentation. If you opt for just a breast augmentation, your own breast tissue will most likely hang off of the implant and you may not be very pleased with the result. Another option is you can have a breast augmentation first and if you are not happy with the result you can get a lift using the same implants. Down side is 2 surgeries and additional recovery. Yet another option is doing the lift alone and seeing if you are happy with the result which you may be. Some patients who go this route feel they still lack upper pole fullness. Try to look a many photos so you can see the scar pattern of a lift and be sure to view photos of lifts alone. Definitely see a board certified plastic surgeon for an in office exam at your consultation for the best options for you. Good luck! ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Lift is essential, augmentation is optional

Women refuse breast lifts because of the ugly vertical scars of the lollipop or boat anchor shaped incisions. A new technique, The Ultimate Breast Lift, has been developed which avoids these scars. The breast tissue is reshaped creating upper pole fullness, elevated higher on the chest wall and more medial to increase your cleavage. Aligning the areola and breast tissue over the bony prominence of the chest wall maximizes anterior projection and may eliminate the need for implants. However, if you do want implants, it can be done simultaneously. At size 32 or 34 each 100 cc’s of implant corresponds to 1 cup size change. At size 36 or 38 each 200 cc’s of implant corresponds to 1 cup size change. From this, you can compute the volume required to achieve your desired goal. Implants alone would fail because the added weight of the implant will cause more drooping. I believe you can achieve an excellent result with The Ultimate Breast Lift without implantation. Best Wishes, Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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With or without a lift

Hello Bundy2005,

Thank you for your question. I would recommend confirming the Plastic Surgeons you are going to see are Board Certified.

The choice is ultimately yours. One question you may want to ask the Plastic Surgeons is, "What effect does gravity have on breasts with more volume and no lift." You may want a lift with a small implant to get the results you are hoping to achieve.

Keep us posted.

Christine Rodgers, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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You Will Be Disappointed With Breast Implants Without Lift

Thank you for your question and photographs. Your nipples are below your inframammary crease, the fold beneath your breast, and by definition you have breast ptosis or sagging breasts.

If you have breast augmentation with breast implants without a breast lift there is a risk the breast implants will push your nipple further down and create an appearance called the "snoopy deformity."

Most plastic surgeons are taught that in patients with significant breast ptosis, a breast lift should be done when considering breast augmentation.

Be sure to consult a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, who is experienced in cosmetic breast surgery, and who has a good reputation in your local community.

Need a lift

Based upon your photos, you need a lift. Your nipple areola complexes sit a bit low on the chest and an implant will not correct that.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Implants alone without a lift

You absolutely can have a breast augmentation without a breast lift. You just need to understand that the implant will appear low on the chest wall. You would certainly have a better and more youthful shape with a breast lift, but it doesn't mean that you have to do it that way. I would suggest having the breast augmentation and then seeing if you want to complete the breast lift as a second surgery. You need to understand that the breast lift might be needed to achieve your desired result though.

Wm. Todd Stoeckel, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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