Can Top Ups of Sculptra Wake Up Previous Injections I Had Done 17 Months Ago?

I had a top up of sculptra after 17 months, i should never have done it but my Doc said I needed top ups every 12 to 18  months. My face which was unbalanced after first treatment is worse, I am getting growth after just 4 weeks what am I going to look like after 3 months, my face looks horrible, over stuffed, it dont look like me any more.  When will it peak ?  I can not eat or sleep, my husband does not know what I have done, he just thinks I am just very depressed. I feel suicidal, if I do not eat and loads of weight will my face go down. I cant live like this

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Sculptra Maintenance Treatment Making Patient Depressed and Suicidal

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Hi Malin,

I am sorry to hear about your Sculptra experience.  The most important thing for you to do at this point is to immediately (ASAP) get conciling from a psychologist or psychiatrist.  This is a temporary situation and will resolve!!!!  Do not act on your suicidal feelings and immediately share your feelings with a professional!!!

There is no set time for Sculptra touch ups.  Our advice to our patients is that once they have achieved full correction (our mutual aesthetic goal), then they are usually good for at least 2 to 4 years.  It is up to the treating physician to have the experience, skill, technique, and artistic vision to know when to stop and when to treat again.  Losing weight may help a little, but time is your friend, and eventually you will be fine.  Please feel free to contact me and by all means do not act on your depressive feelings.  

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