top 5 surgeons in the country

Can anyone help me find at least 5 top rhinoplasty surgeons in US. I live in washington DC area, and if I could find a good surgeon close to me that would be even better.

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The top 5 rhinoplasty surgeons in the country are:

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impossible to determine. Some surgeons may choose only the "easy" cases and get reliably good results. Good for them. Others are challenged by re-dos and really difficult cases, and manage to turn out some pretty fantastic work. But who is going to "grade" us? Each of us is (hopefully) pretty busy in our own practices, and we may be lucky enough to be exposed to some of our colleagues' work from time to time.

(Sometimes I think we only see our colleagues' failures, rare though they may be, because that's when patients go looking!)

Still, you have the right idea--do your homework BEFORE you are seduced by a TV show, or a flashy advertisement, or a quote in a magazine article. Dr. Aldea (again) has a very good answer; please read it.

Here's my advice: seek out an experienced, ABPS-certified plastic surgeon who has devoted the majority of his or her practice to cosmetic surgery, see if you can find out how much of it is rhinoplasty surgery, see if other doctors in your community that you trust have any knowledge of your candidates, see if they do enough cosmetic surgery to afford their own surgical facility, ask the state medical board if there are any complaints about any of them, see several of your top choices, ask for patient referrals, see reviews on RealSelf, etc. You get the idea. No one has a list. We only know our friends, colleagues, mentors, and usually don't see a true cross-section of anyone's work--only what they write, show, or teach. And even that is skewed--of course--who wants to show their worst work?

But, realize that even if you hired Ted Williams himself to hit you a homer, the best he could offer was a 40% chance of a HIT, not even a homer! And he was certainly one of the 5 best, wasn't he? It's funny that we consider a .400 hitter in the big leagues to be a superstar, and yet we absolutely "expect" that with proper research and due diligence we can find a doctor who can "guarantee" success.

As I have said elsewhere on this forum, the only 3 nose surgeons who never do re-do surgeries are:

     1)  the dead surgeon

     2)  the retired surgeon

and  3)  the liar.

Don't over think the issue, but do get lots of advice before you make a choice. Start with the basics--ABPS certification and years in practice. Membership in the ASAPS (Aesthetic Society) is also a good inclusion. Good luck!

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Top rhinoplasty surgeon

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Finding the right rhinoplasty surgeon is hard. It's not like there's a Consumer Reports issue rating surgeon results, right?

As many others have said, finding a good rhinoplasty boils down to their skills, communication and whether you feel they fit with your aesthetic goals.

A great starting point is finding someone who is board certified in facial plastic surgery or plastic surgery and has extensive experience in rhinoplasty surgery. If your case is a revision, that's another aspect to make sure the surgeon has experience in.

A surgeon can have decades of experience but you may not like how their noses turn out (ie, doesn't match your aesthetic) as you look at before and after photos of their other paients. This is an important step do reviewing patient photos is quite illustrative.

Consulting with a few surgeons in person can give you a great sense of how well you trust the surgeon and whether it looks like your goals can be met. I perform computer morphing to help guide this dialogue regarding what changes the patient wants versus what is possible.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Top rhinoplasty surgeons

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There are excellent rhinoplasty surgeons all over the country.,  I could not even fathom a guess as to who are the best.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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There is no way to determine this. The ones that will be the most well known are usually the ones that present at the yearly meetings. However, I'm sure there are good rhinoplasty surgeons in the DC area that don't present at these meetings and will probably not be well known at all. Best you can do is go on several consults and look at a lot of before and after photos to get an idea of who will be good for you.

David E. Kim, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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The best rhinoplasty surgeons in the USA.

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Each of us that do a large number of noses and especially revision rhinoplasty feels that after 35 years we are the best. Unfortunately, patients like different noses and results and are the final judges. Fine one that has the same ideas about noses as you do as well as the results and go with him.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Top 5 NOSE surgeons in the country

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A large majority of the lay public is under the misconception that medical and surgical supremacy truly exists. But - while all sports events involve score keeping and tabulation, I am not aware of any American or International competition in which surgeons comete for supremacy and the title of "The Best", Champion or "Numero Uno honcho (on hunchette, as the case may be) by performing the same procedure in a large stadium while their technique and eventually their results are scrutinized by referees and seen by thousands in the seats and millions at home.  Instead, while SOME surgeons take years to build local reputations and others build national and international reputations IN OUR FIELD by presenting their research at national meeting MANY surgeons these days bypass this rather lengthy and tedious process by using PR agents.

The results? Every single time you see a surgeon on ANY of the TV talk or medical shows, you can rest assured they were placed there by a PR consultant often misleading a credulent public to assume that the handsomely groomed slickster talking into Oprah's, Dr. Oz's end others' microphone is "The Best" in the field. While he MAY be very competent (or not), his/her presence on TV or in the press does NOT mean that he really is.

As regards nose surgery, re-do nose surgery is quite challenging and there are some surgeon who prefer to do these operation. The Washington DC area has one of the largest concentrations of Plastic surgeons per capita in the US and a lot of good Plastic surgeons. Start with wwwPlasticSurgeryorg and with your friends' and doctors referrals.

Good Luck.

Peter a Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon


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It would be helpful if you provided extra bit of information such as:  Is this a revisionary rhinoplasty or a "virgin" rhinoplasty.  Also, before photo would be helpful.  There are some great plastic surgeons who specialize in nothing but revsionary surgery.  It would help to narrow down the search


Edward J. Bednar, MD
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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