Can I Have a Top Set of Refinement Aligners with an Unfinished Set of the Original Aligners on Bottom? I Don't Have a Picture.

On tray 11 & it completes top set. Skipped 1 top set per ortho.I had 22 for the bottom & am on #10. Need refinement trays Told to wear top tray for 4 wks & continue as a retainer until farther into bottom trays. Can I wear 1 set of refinement trays on top now & another set for the top& bottom later? I am concerned as the top trays have not moved 1 tooth in front which is still crooked but not quite as buck. Also oncerned that the top teeth will move as the aligner gets older & softens.

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Refinement Aligners

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It is possible for your orthodontist to combine one set of upper trains with the original set of the lower, but the usual path of treatment is to wait for the lower teeth to catch up and then to reevaluate what else needs to be done. That way all the teeth that feel behind can be moved together.

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