Scar Tissue Around Implants After Lumpectomy with Radiation

I have on top of muscle implants, lumpectomy with radiation. Scar tissue bothers me, what are odds of new implants?

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Irradiated breast reconstruction

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If your breasts appeared to be scarred in from radiation, you may want to think of alternative breast reconstruction proceudres to improve the results.

Lumpy irradiated breast reconstruciton

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Probably the best way to remove or soften the scar tissue is to excise thsi and replace with autogenous tissue reconstructions. However, any lump in a reconstructed breast warrants evaluation.

Reconstruction after Lumpectomy & Radiation

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Radiation therapy often leads to significant problems with recontruction and wound healing.  Your situation could possibly be improved with incorporation of acellular dermal matrix and movement of your implant to a submuscular position.  I agree that more info and a photo would ve helpful.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

More information please

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You have implant breast reconstruction and radiation. The scar formation after the radiation is very common and the problem is not the implant. Replacing the implants will not fix this.

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