Can a Tooth Still Cause a Throbbing Dull Pain After a Crown and Root Canal Which Also is Causing Difficulty Swallowing?

In March 2013 I had a large filling replaced with a crown. By September 2013 I have had a root canal in the same tooth, additional filling added to the back of the tooth to try to prevent a food trap and the tooth still throbs. Additionally I'm having trouble swallowing. My dentist has adjusted the Bite. I've had multiple x-rays, none showed any issues such as bone infection. Suggestions??

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Tooth Pain Persisting… Tooth or Bone Issue?

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I would seek the opinion of an Endodontist (specialist in root canals).

They can evaluate the tooth and see if the tooth canals are sealed, or the tooth is fractured. The bite (occlusion) should also be checked as well as the bone situation.

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