No Tooth Show ~ Lip Lift Candidate? (photo)

Hello. I have been bothered for a while now over the fact that when I smile (even the hardest I can), there is little to no tooth show. I have put ALL veneers to attempt to show them. Still no show. I don't know what else to do. Am I a candidate although I already have full lip? I had filler placed a while ago. Please help. Also, is the distance long enough? What type would I get? Also, when I smile big, it looks like the Joker. :( Thank you.

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Increased Tooth Show By Upper Lip Line Raising

With such a full upper lip and normal nose to lip distance, I would definitely not recommend a lip lift for you based on the pictures you have submitted. You do not want to alter what looks good from above to improve what doesn't below. You may consider an alternative procedure, a mucosal or vermilion-mucosal reduction to raise the lower edge of the upper lip line upward. Because this involves resection right over the teeth, there is a fairly 1:1 relationship of tissue removed and resultant increased tooth show. This will avoid any risk of distortion to your very nice and full cupid's bow of the upper lip. 

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No Tooth Show ~ Lip Lift Candidate? (photo)

You may benefit from lip lift, but if vermilion very full, internal lip lift may be needed as well.  Before any soft tissue procedure such as lip lift, facial skeletal relationships should also be considered, i.e. Is the reason you do not have dental show because of maxillary relationship to mandible, or other issue?  Even so, lip lift much easier than orthognathic surgery, especially if it produces good result when simulated and if your occlusal relationships are normal.  If the volumetric fullness of upper lip is related to filler, would let this resorb (or dissolve with hyaluronidase) before having a procedure.  Internal lip lift may be the best first choice for "dental show" if you have naturally full upper lip... Can always do external (conventional) lip lift afterward if you lose some vermilion volume by internal lip lift.

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