Tooth Shaved Down for Invisilign but Now It's Really Sensitive?

I needed IPR in between two of my bottom teeth. After I noticed some pain around the teeth when I drank ice water. I started trying to avoid any hot or cold liquids hitting those teeth. Yesterday I tried reaching for the bottom of my Invisalign to remove them before dinner and I happen to hit the bottom of the two teeth that were shaved down. I felt a shock. I touched it again &I kept getting this painful shocking fleeing. My appointment was 10 days ago. Did the dentist damage my tooth?

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Sensitivity with shaved down teeth for invisalign.

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The amount of tooth structure removed for invisalign is typically fractions of a millimeter which is normally not damaging to the tooth.  From your description, it sounds like your sensitivity is at the gumline which is more consistent with gum recession and not related to where the teeth were reshaped.

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