Can Tooth Be Saved?

Decayed last molar/root canal/cap. Seen specialist. He said too much decay and if fixed would not last 2-3 years and have to be pulled, so pull it. Got second opinion and she said she would take out the decay as much as she could, see what was left, show me x rays and actual photos and her recommendation. What was left was a shell 3X an egg shell with 1 side gone. One root also has decay that she could not get. She said not worth saving. Will get implant if have be pulled. Can it be saved?

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Can my tooth be saved

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Based on the information you have provided us with I would take the tooth out.  A tooth that can be "saved" with those issues would probably not last that long. An implant is a one time expense and 97% successful.  I would place an implant and be done with it.


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Sounds like Tooth Cannot Be Saved

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From both opinions, it sounds like tooth is beyond repair. Remember, anything can be "saved", but for what length of time, and at what expense?!? It sounds like you would be wasting your time and money trying to "save" this one. Have it extracted. If it's your 2nd moar, or your wisdom tooth (3rd molar), it might not even need to be replaced.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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