Throbbing Tooth Pain After Radiesse. Could She Have Hit A Nerve?

I had radiesse injected into my cheeks and around my mouth. The day after I began to have severe pain on the right side in my gum and tooth and around the upper part of my gums. Did she possibly hit a nerve? It is like a throbbing pain when I drink water, bend over and try to exercise even talk too much. The pain was not there before. Any insight into what might be wrong, would be most helpful. This is the 5th day and now my tooth feels real sore. Could she have damaged the nerve?

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Tooth Pain after Radiesse Injection

Anything is possible but the majority of the nerves that supply the nerves to the teeth run INSIDE the bones are are therefore unlikely to be affected by what is normally a subdermal (subcutaneous) injection, at least not directly.  You could, however, easily have enough swelling and inflammation in the area to have been transmitted to those nerves.

You should speak and be seen by both your physician and your dentist in order to try to get this sorted out.

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