Is Tooth Extraction Necessary to Wear Braces?

Hi Im 19 years old.I have overlapping and crowded teeth.I want to wear braces for my upper jaw.Bt my doctor said that two of my canine teeth need to be extracted..which im not willing to do so.Is there any way to wear braces without any tooth being extracted?And can I wear braces after 30 yrs?Pls help

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Extractions and crowding

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Hi. . It may be possible to expand your upper arch rather than extract teeth to align all your teeth. However, this decision is best left to an orthodontist as the decision will depend on how much crowding you have, the angulation of your teeth as well as your gingival tissue.

The goal of orthodontics is not just to align and straighten the teeth, but to also put your bite in the proper position for best long term function and health.  It may be that you need extractions to relieve the crowding as well as get the proper bite.

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Extractions are not always needed for braces

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While it may be easier, extractions are not always needed. Arch expansion can create needed room and prevent irreversible facial changes. Find another orthodontist for a second opinion.

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