Is Tooth Extraction And Conventional Braces The Best Route For This Problem?

Just looking for some other opinions and I have pictures below. I have a narrow upper palate, a lot of crowding, and an overbite. My orthodontist suggested braces with the extraction of one of of my upper teeth. Is this reasonable for my case? He also said that Invisalign won't be as effective as conventional braces which seems to make sense to me. I'm 21 years old. Am I past the point of completely fixing this issue? I was under the impression that braces don't have the same results once you're an adult.

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Is Tooth Extraction And Conventional Braces The Best Route For This Problem?

If all you care about is straight teeth then extracting an upper tooth and doing conventional braces or Invisalign will work adequately well. However, you would be ignoring your narrow upper palate and your retruded lower jaw and probably create an upper midline discrepancy.

What are the ramifications of ignoring a narrow palate and retruded lower jaw? Narrow palate means narrow smile, tongue posture problems and narrowing of the nasal airway. A retruded lower jaw makes for a much less attractive profile, potential TMJ issues, potential constricted airway and probable vertical height issues (this causes over closing of the jaw which further impacts the TMJ and causes premature aging by increasing wrinkles around the mouth and decreasing the height of your lower face.

What impact are adverse airway and TMJ issues? Restricted airway leads to increased mouth breathing, potential sleep breathing disorder (which leads to a myriad of potential health risks like high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and diabetes to name a few), while TMJ dysfunction leads to potentially major debilitating symptoms like headaches, neck aches, back aches, ringing and buzzing in the ears, dizziness, etc.

In short, do as your orthodontist recommends and have straight teeth, along with all of the other potential issues discussed or do the project the right way and develop the upper arch to make room for all of your teeth (the way God intended) and then bring your lower jaw forward where it actually wants to be but can't (because of your underdeveloped palate).

All this can be accomplished with comfortable removable appliances followed with conventional braces or even Invisalign.

Good luck!

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