I Had a Tooth Crown Removed - It Started to Bleed. I Was Told the Tooth Needs to Be Extracted. Is This Necessary?

The tooth had a root canal couple years ago. I was told bleeding is not normal. I was also told that tooth fracture is possible but the dentist is not certain. Is an extraction necessary? How can I be sure?

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Extraction after endodontic treatment

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The proper diagnosis on the clinical condition of the tooth and it`s long-term prognosis should be done based on clinical data and x-ray. This question should be discussed with your dentist: what are the reasons for tooth extraction, what else can be performed, etc.

Crown Removed and Tooth Bled

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If the tooth is fractured below the gumline, you are better off extracting it and placing an implant. Why was the crown removed? What was the problem that prompted the dentist to remove the crown. It is impossible to answer your question without seeing the clinical situation and X-ray.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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