Tooth Colored Fillings for Half Broken Front Tooth?

I want to know that tooth colored fillings are durable for half broken front tooth OR it just chip after some months? I have heard that it is not suitable for half broken front tooth.

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Porcelain Crown For Broken Front Tooth

The most reliable restoration for a front tooth that is half broken would be an all porcelain crown. This type of restoration will be much stronger and more aesthetic than composite bonding. Good luck.

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Fillings for broken teeth?

Hi, thanks for your question!  Restorations for larger areas, such as half-broken teeth, most often require full-coverage restorations such as crowns to ensure proper stability and function.  The force of your teeth coming together when biting, etc. is very strong and large fillings cannot take this pressure long-term.  A full-porcelain crown is an extremely esthetic option for restoration.  Best wishes to you!

Jon G. Rischer, DDS
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Limits of "bonding"

Bended resin restorations have their place in dentistry and can be very beautiful.  However, they have limitations.  In a case where half a tooth is missing, a porcelain restoration is more predictable and typically more esthetic

Bonding can work as a temporary restoration that can last for up to a few years - but expect to replace it within that time frame.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
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Tooth colored filling for broken tooth?

If half the tooth is missing I suggest a crown over a filling should look better and be stronger good luck


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