I Took a 6 Weeks Course of Doxycyline. How Long Do I Wait Before Laser Hair Removal Treatments Can Commence?

I took a six week course of the 'light sensitive' antibiotic and finished the course in mid-September. I'm wanting to get laser hair removal treatment on my legs, how long do I have to wait until I can start treatment. Not sure how long antibiotics stay in the system for? I'm also of Asian (Pakistani origin), my legs aren't particularly dark (light olive) and my hair is black. I heard that Sorprano laser is virtually pain-free and caters for all skintones, is this is a good choice. Thanks, Abi.

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How long to wait between doxycycline and a laser procedure

I recommend waiting for 7-10 days.  By that time all the doxycycline should be out of your system.  The half life (the amount of time to eliminate 1/2 of the medication out of your body) of doxycycline is 18-22 hours, which means that after 1 day only half of the medicine is left, after two days 1/4, etc.

Essentially by the end of the week, pretty much all the medication should be gone.

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