Is it Too Soon for Eyelid Surgery Revision? Plate Grafts have Fallen and Need Skin Graft.

2/08 had lower eyelid blephoplasty,mid facelift ended up with ecroption revision 3/08 another 2revisions 8/08 and1/09 7/01/09 hard plate graft wth mid facelift (first eye) 2nd eye 11/09/09 told I needed another revision had last one 4/21/10 My eyes seem to be getting far worse with every surgery is there a reason for this? Told I need more surgery hard plate grafts have fallen and I need a skin graft and also tear duct surgery its been 2yrs im in pain should I wait longer?

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Is it Too Soon for Eyelid Surgery Revision? Plate Grafts have Fallen and Need Skin Graft.

2 years is not too soon for most reoperations, however, is this the best option for you?  Please make sure you see an Oculoplastic surgeon before you have more surgery.  You may want a second opinion as well.

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It sound like you need more surgery.

Honestly, your situation is so complex that it is impossible to be much help on this online forum. Making matters more difficult, you have not post photographs.  It is essential that this work be done by a true expert and not someone who dabbles in eyelid reconstruction.  There is no substitute for a personal consultation.  Consider looking at my website for more information regarding these types of procedures.  There is no reason why the palate grafts should fail unless you need orbital rim support.

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Eyelid surgery with plastic surgery eyelid reconstruction by experienced plastic surgeon

This type of problem is not going to be fixed online.

With complicated situations and failed surgeries such as yours patients should to seek consultations with the most experienced reconstructive eyelid surgeons in their area (either board certified plastic surgeons or ophthalmic surgeons) before deciding what to do (or not to do because it will be easy to find someone who will try to do something and one needs a surgeon with lots of experience in what might not help or even worsen the situation!)

Usually surgeons wait 6 months following a surgical procedure to do revision surgery. It is not likely that this type of situation will get better by waiting after 2 years.

C. Dennis Bucko, MD
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Lower eyeliid retraction after multiple surgeries

You have a complex problem, with likely multiple factors involved in your lower eyelid retraction.  It can be due to combination of lower lid scarring, tight lower lid skin, and weak orbicularis muscle (which is needed to close your eyes).  Improvement in your eyelid function (with proper blinking and eye closure) should take priority over cosmesis.  Consult an oculoplastic surgeon.

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