Does the Tongue Patch Diet Really Work?

I read that Plastic surgeon Nikolas Chugay is now doing a procedure called the "Tongue Patch Diet" on over 60 patients in Beverly Hills and Long Beach. The tongue patch is designed to “make chewing of solid foods very difficult and painful, limiting the patient to a liquid diet." Do you think it really works? Is it safe? Do you do the procedure?

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The latest diet fad: the Tongue Patch

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ANY diet will make you lose weight if it means that you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning (or, conversely, burning more calories than you are consuming).  This "diet" works by making it hard to chew food and by allowing only liquids to be consumed.  Motivated people shouldn't need to have something sewn onto their tongues.  This isn't a permanent fix, so when the mesh is removed from your tongue, there's nothing to stop you from going right back to the habits that made you seek this crazy crash diet in the first place.

Save your money, and spare yourself the tongue-scarring.  Nothing beats good old-fashioned sensible diet and exercise.  If you have a serious amount of weight to lose, consider bariatric surgery, which is a clinically proven treatment for obesity (and combines LIFESTYLE CHANGES with the surgical procedure). 

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