How to Tone Stomach Before Getting a Tummy Tuck?

About 7 yrs ago i had my kids and i had 2 c-section, i am currently about 5'1 and 173lbs, but i notice under my breast going down my belly button and stomach looks like its starting to sag, flat at the top. Before i choose to get a tummy tuck would you have any sugg to how to tone the fat muscles?

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For GREAT Tummy Tuck results it's best to be close to your ideal weight NOT to "tone" the Tummy Muscles

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There is NO POINT in doing thousands of sit ups and crunches in the futile hope that toning the tummy muscles would do away with the need for a Tummy Tuck or would somehow improve the results. The most important factor in getting great results is having a weight close to your IDEAL weight. Your BMI is 32.7 which qualifies you as "obese" and your ideal body weight is 105.4 making you over 67 pounds overweight.

If you lost 50 pounds or so, MORE loose skin could be removed and the results would be that much better.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Exercise before tummy tuck

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The primary benefits of exercise before getting a tummy tuck include losing some weight so the procedure will be safer and your results may be a bit better. Toning the abdominal muscles will help also, but don't expect any specific effect on the skin. If you could exercise that into shape then nobody would ever need a tummy tuck! When you are ready, ask your surgeon abuot the progressive tension suture method.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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