Are jaw implants safe?

I was wondering if jaw implants are a safe route to take (not chin implants but jaw). I have been looking around the internet looking at some before and after pictures of jaw implants. Some look good, but most of them look a bit unnatural. Does natural and safe consist on the surgeon or will it always look that way no matter who is performing the surgery? Thank you so very much for the answers.

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jaw implants

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Jawline implants have been utilized for many years with several types of materials. The most common types are Silastic-silicone like, Goretex-like, and acrylic-like products. The Goretex can be customized at the time of surgery and yields the most ideal 'look' in my view. The use of 'standard' sizes, can lead to the impression you noted. Maintaining a balance with the rest of the face is key; and avoiding the 'over prominent' look is important. 

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