Will I Be Able to Tolerate the Side Effects of Isotretinoin? Is It Worth Those Side Effects?

I m 20 yrs old and having serious cystic acneMy dermo prescribed me acutret 20mg last year but I didnt took it coz of a long list of dangerous side effects associated wid it.and also I have started breaking in regions I never broke before.Chin,forehead,back,shoulders,chest,over eyelids and neck.I m very afraid of side effects caused by these medicinesAs I m very sensitive towards my body and cant ever bear a hair's loss without reason.!wat should i do??i m so tensed!!!

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Are the side effects of Accutane worth it

You need to decide what's best for you. I have prescribed low dose Accutane to people for 30 years and I will continue to do so because it is safe and effective. The side effects are much lower on a low dose, but if you simply are terrified of it, then no, the medication may not be right for you. Accutane is a cure for acne, but you may be more inclined to take something else that merely manages your acne. Consult with your doctor about your options.

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