How Long Does Perlane Last in Nasolabial Folds?

I was on a cruise.I had perlane-L 1 ml syringe per each side for nasal folds. I was told it would last 2-3 years and 9-12 months for the dysport in my forehead. This seems to differ from information I'm reading on the net. I paid 1600 + 400 for the 2 treatments. The doctor told me she had specific training in the perlane injections and did them in such a way they would last much longer. I'm very happy with the result so far 2 weeks post. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks

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Filler duration. Perlane. You get out of it what you put in.

Fillers fill.  Period.  We have more choices of FDA approved materials to fill with than ever in history.  Perlane is the larger particle big-brother of Restylane.  It lasts longer, as it takes the body longer to break down large particles.  Pelane as a stand-alone filler?  Duration is about a year.  Perlane done in concert with other fillers layered beneath the Perlane or above it?  Maybe two years.  The more layers you treat with more products, the longer it lasts.  I have used up to three products at one time.

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Perlane, Juvederm, Fill NLF's, Face Fillers, Restylane

Perlane typically lasts between 6-9 months and the average for our Perlane patients seems to be about 8 months.

Radiesse lasts about a year but can sometimes look like a cord when placed into the NLF's that's visible when you smile or animate the mouth.

If you're looking for something that lasts longer, you might consider Sculptra that requires 2-3 treatments spaced at 6 weeks apart to get full correction that lasts up to 2 years.

For a quick, easy NLF fill, nothing beats Perlane IMHO.

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Longevity of Perlane and Dysport

Perlane can last anywhere from 4-9 months, and Dysport from ~3-6 months. While Perlane has a larger molecule than Restylane, you can't always predict longevity of any product. It is dependent upon placement, amount, and injection technique.

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How long does Perlane and Dysport last?

  My wife recently attended a free talk on a cruise and the doctor encouraged both Perlane and Dysport for her.  The fees were considerably more than my own and others charge in my area.  It sounds to me that the doctor you saw overstated the durations of the treatments.  I would say that Perlane lasts  6-12 months and Dysport 3-6 months.



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Perlane typically lasts 6-9 months in nasolabial folds

Perlane typically lasts 6-9 months in nasolabial folds, and duration is usually longer if more material is injected.

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Perlane and the hyaluronics typically last 6-12 months.  Radiesse lasts longer and Sculptra approximately 3 years.

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How long does Perlane last?

Typically hyaluronic (such as Perlane, Restylan, and the family of Juvederm products) last about 6-9 months. Although there are bound to be some differences in how patients metabolize injectables this tends to be a a fraction of the average not twice as long. I'm not sure how this injector could promise you the above is not clear. I'm not aware of any injection techique available that will make the filler last longer Dysport as Botox, generally lasts 3-4 months. Perhaps these exaggerated claims were related to the fact that the injector was not going to be around for the long term.

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Had Perlane on a cruise: was lied to about how long it will last.

I am so glad you are happy with how your treatments look, because at least you came away pleased. But you were definitely misled about what you were investing in. Perlane lasts 6 to 12 months, maybe 18 at most, since you did have a significant amount placed. Dysport is more like 3 to 4 months. Six at absolute most. Sounds to me like the person (doctor? not doctor?) on the cruise was a good marketer, and knew you'd be off the ship and unable to complain in the future.

Enjoy your Perlane and Dysport and find a legitimate, honest, nearby board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who can take good care of you and be truthful at the same time.

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How Long Does Perlane Last in Nasolabial Folds?

Perlane and Dysport are both great products. But they do not last as long as you were told no matter what technique is used. On average the Perlane lasts 6-12 months and the Dysport 3-6 months. It also seems that you paid a high price for the treatments. If you are happy with the results that is great. You may need a touch up on the Perlane at 4-6 months. Also need to redo the Dysport at 3-4 months!

Good luck!

How long do injectables last?

Greetings Traced~

Regardless of special training or technique, I can't say I've ever known these products to last as long as you were told.  We advise our patients that Dysport will last 3-6 months (realistically 3-4) and Perlane will last 9-12 months, but should be touched up to keep it at it's best at around 6 months.  I wish you the best of luck and hope it does last as long as they said but don't get your hopes up.

Best of luck~

Dr. Grant Stevens           

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