Told I Need Crowns then Veneers then Crowns! Which is the Best Choice? (photo)

2 yrs ago i was told i would need crowns on front teeth in a few yrs due to thin enamel. i asked about veneers and was told they would not help save teeth,because they don't cover back of teeth. 2 yrs later 1 tooth chipped and same doc told me veneers. I repeated her original opinion and she said well they do cover part of the back. Went for 2nd opinion to recommended doc and was told crowns, he thought in time I would pop veneers off. Don't know what to do now!

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Crown or Veeners to protect front teeth

I would want to know why you have thin enamel on your front teeth first and also make sure your bite is correct and you are not wearing or causing excessive force on your front teeth.  Then I would take the less  invasive procedure. This would be a procedure that would leave most of the tooth structure intact and requrie less reduction of enamel. I would go with the suggestion of wrap around veneers. It requires less reduction of the tooth than placing a crown and it will look esthetically better espeically for your front teeth.  Hope this helps with your decision.

Van Nuys Dentist
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Crowns or Veneers for Worn Front Teeth

Most cosmetic dentists are going to use the same material for either a veneer or crown.  It really comes down to keeping as much of the existing tooth as possible and bonding a porcelain restoration to the reamining tooth structure.  The forces that are wearing your teeth and causing them to chip need to be controlled as cosmetic restorations of all types can chip or break also.

Donald L. Wilcox, DDS
Glendale Dentist
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Crowns or Veneers

It is a little confusing but because of bonding/adhesive technology and new material there is a continuum of restorations between what would be considered a true crown and what is a veneer.  Your first dentist is right - you can extend "veneers" around the back.  They are different then traditional crowns in that while they cover the whole tooth they require less tooth reduction because they are bonded and not cemented.  It comes down to a matter of semantics.  So you can consider your restorations as 360 degree veneers.  Make sure to see before and after examples of the dentist's work in close up photos and ask about warranty.  Also insist on solid porcelain eMAX restorations - they are the best material.  

Lawrence Singer, DMD
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Crowns or Veneers?

The first thing the dentist should do is examine your oclusion (the way your upper and lower teeth meet and move against each other). If that is not correct, than it doesn't matter if you have crowns or veneers. They will both fail down the road. Why do you have ""thin enamel"? Is it due to your lower teeth rubbing them the wrong way? Those same forces will destroy anything artificial placed on your teerh.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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