Ruptured Breast Implants. What Now?

i have breast implants that have ruptured but thats all i was told. will it be likely i will get them took out and replaced?

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Ruptured implants and breast revision

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Are your implants gel? I presume so, in that saline implants deflate noticeably when they rupture. In general, the long-term risks of a ruptured implant are not fully known but there is no data to suggest they cause disease processes that were the cause of the temporary moratorium on gel implant use by the FDA in the 90's.

Even though ruptured implants are frequently asymptomatic, I recommend replacing them. If further leakage occurs, there can be localized inflammation leading to pain, scarring, nodules or capsular contracture, and asymmetry may result as well.

Go see a board-certified plastic surgeon for recommendations in your particular case. Best wishes.

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Ruptured breast implants

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If you feel you have ruptured breast implants you should consult with a plastic surgeon to have them removed and/or replaced.  Typically you don't want to wait too long after a rupture because it then becomes more difficult to match the ruptured side to the intact side. There are no health risks associated with a rupture, but you should still be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon.

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