I've been told my breast feel hard 4 months after BA with Saline implants. Will they every feel natural?

Had breast augmentation Sept 27. 400cc saline under muscles. Few friends and family asked to touches them and all say they are hard and don't feel naturally. Im 4 most postop .... is this how they will be forever? I massage daily and if they are considered hard still im concerned they will never feel natural.

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Breast firmness after augmentation

There are several causes for breast to remain too firm after augmentation surgery.  One could be inadequate muscle release, and another can be an overfilled implant with little overlying tissue.  A third reason could be early capsular contracture.  Only an evaluation with your surgeon could determine whether anything can be done to alleviate this and create softer, more natural breasts.

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Ahardness post aug

There is no question you have a capsule.The problem with hardness is no doubt due to the capsule but also if your size is bigger than what your chest can accomodate they will feel hard.It is like putting air in the balloon.ie the more air the harder the balloon is.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Breast augmentation

A capsule will have formed around both of your implants by 10 weeks. These are sometimes called scars, and do bear some resemblance to other types of internal scars.
Without current photos I am not getting a clear idea of what may be occurring with your implants.
Discussion with your surgeon will be the best recommendation

Rick Rosen, MD
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I've been told my breast feel hard 4 months after BA with Saline implants. Will they every feel natural?

Thank you for your question. There are multiple possibilities that could explain firm or hard breast 4 months after your surgery. I recommend that you make an appointment with your plastic surgeon for a thorough exam and to discuss all of your concerns.

Wesley T. Myers, MD
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Sounds like a Capsular Contracture

Your implants should not feel hard especially at 4 months.  You may have capsular contractures.  This needs to be address by removing the capsule and changing the implants site.

Breast implants firm at 4 months

There are many reasons why your breasts still feel firm 4 months after surgery.  Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to understand your anatomy and to differentiate between a capsular contracture and normal post operative changes.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Breast Enhancement Surgery

Implants can feel hard for a number of reasons; overfilled saline, hard gel, spastic muscle, tight skin, or a mass. See your surgeon to find out which one applies to you

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Implants at 4 months

At 4 months they may still feel hard if the skin is not stretched out..   They will undergo further changes over the next 6 months to a year.  But if concerned it would be perfectly reasonable for you to see your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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You need to see your PS as you may have a capsular contracture. This needs to be addressed by your PS. 

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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Hardness of implants after breast augmentation

If your implants feel hard, you should speak with your surgeon.  You want to make sure you are not developing capsular contracture.  Saline implants can often feel firm, especially when they are filled fully or overfilled.

Naveen Setty, MD
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