What is wrong with my right breast? (photos)

it has been 9 months since my breast surgery. I had 420cc teardrops inserted. The left breast hasn't had any problems. I can't say the same for my right breast. It sticks put, points downwards, sits too high and doesn't look at all like the left breast shape. I went back to my doctor to see is it's capsular contracture. He checked and said it wasn't. All he could say was because it's my natural breast shape. I know it wasn't that different to my left breast prior to surgery. So what is it?

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What is wrong with my right breast?

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Without a preoperative photo, or at least a front view to compare the shapes, it's hard to say just what's going on. If they really looked the same preoperatively, and with the history of a shaped implant, my first thought would be that the implant has rotated such that it may be upside down. Although Capsular Contracture can cause such a look, if your plastic surgeon has ruled that out by feeling the tightness of your capsule, than that can be eliminated as a cause of the distortion. It certainly within reason to get the opinion of another plastic surgeon and see what they think by examining you. Good luck.

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