Does Getting As Close As Possible to Your Desired Goal Weight Prior to Surgery Lead to Better Results?

I had gastric sleeve surgery performed a little over 2 years ago and lost a bit over 100lbs. However, I'm putting off having a tummy tuck/breast lift/arm lift combo put off until May, so I can lose another 20lbs or so before I have the procedures done (currently 5'2, 137lbs and 32 y/o). I'm also doing basic muscle toning exercises to try and tighten things up a bit before. Will the extra weight loss/muscle toning exercises help result in a nice contour/better result?

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Probably no reason to put off proceeding with body contouring in this patient.

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After massive weight loss patients should have a stable way for about six months prior to undergoing a major operation that is elective. I don't think 20 additional pounds will make much difference. Muscle toning exercises have no effect.


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Hi jaga81.  You are exactly right.  If you are at your ideal body weight and in good health, you will increase your chances of a safer and more successful surgery.  Good luck!

Lewis Ladocsi, MD, FACS
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

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