Is this a mole? (photo)

I got a mole or something else 2 weeks ago on my foot and it appears larger and color is Brown. All my moles tend to be pure black because I'm Asian but this one is brown and a bit larger like a pencil eraser but smaller. I ripped my skin off to remove it. I removed it and came off like flakes but cut he skin prt too, it was easy to tear cause of dry skin.

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Based on the photo, it does not appear to be a mole. However, you would benefit from seeing an experienced and expert board certified physician to evaluate in person. 

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Lesion on the foot

Thank you for your question.  It looks like blood under the skin which is called talon noir.  It is often caused by trauma.  However, I can't completely rule out a new mole and would need to look at it with a dermatoscope to be more certain.  If the lesion does not resolve or if it enlarges I recommend for you to see a dermatologist.  I wish you the best!

Lisa Zaleski-Larsen, DO, FAAD
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