Toddler African-American Otoplasty Stitches

My toddler had otoplasty surgery a week ago. The stitches put are big, crooked, and visible. Behind her right ear there's extra meat and scarring that's not keloids. Her doctor said it's swelling, but not going down. It looks like skin was left out during surgery. On the right ear the stitches are big and really crooked. The shape of her ear from behind is uneven. I'm really distraught. Please help me identify a solution to this problem before it gets worse.

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Healing after otoplasty


I can tell that you are really worried about the appearance of the suture line. One week out is still very early. There is usually a lot of swelling that is present at one week that will continue to settle over the next few weeks. Often times, additional swelling may make it appear that there is excess tissue initially, but it can settle down nicely with time. I would recommend that you keep in close communication with your surgeon and express any concerns with him/her. I hope your little one heals well and that both of you are pleased with the results soon. Good luck!



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Some swelling/ irregularity of the suture line is not uncommon 1 week after the procedure.  Assuming the procedure was done gently, the appearance of the incision line should improve over the next few weeks.  If there are any areas that appear open or infected, ask to be seen by the surgeon ASAP.

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There is a lot of swelling now. The scar will change significanly over thext few weeks.

Clean the suture line and apply antibiotic ointment daily. Check with the surgeon .


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