What type of insurance should I consider and who will accept it?

i need to know what kind of insurance doctors accept when getting breast implants

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Breast Augmentation and insurance

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Hello missnosy, thank you for your question. Health Insurance does not cover cosmetic breast augmentation in any capacity. There are extremely rare cases where this is possible (some genetic syndromes that one can be born with that would disfigure the breasts – causing one or both to not develop at all), but from evaluating your photo, you are not a candidate for this.

However, if you are looking for financial assistant to accomplish your surgical goals, there are a couple of great options for you. CareCredit is a popular option for patients to utilize to aid in the financing of their procedure. Good luck

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Is breast augmentation covered by insurance?

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The answer is no. This is a purely cosmetic operation and is not covered by any insurer.  By federal law, with limited exceptions for self-insured groups, breast reconstruction after mastectomy for cancer is covered but this requires proof of the underlying cancer and its treatment. 


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Breast augmentation is not covered by any type of insurance as it is considered a cosmetic procedure by insurance companies. I would encourage you to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon to determine the options for breast augmentation and get an estimate on what the procedure will cost.

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