Mohs surgery done on cheek, when will swelling go away? (photo)

I had mohs surgery done 3 weeks ago in center of cheek. I experienced swelling in the area around my upper cheekbone. I still have a little swelling at the top of the scar. I also have a puffy area at the bottom of the scar line. Does this usually get better and if so how much time will it take? I'm scheduled to see the plastic surgeon again in 4 weeks. When is it ok to rub mederma on the area and do massage? Thanks for your response.

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Swelling after Mohs

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Any time there is an excision or anything like that done, you can have swelling. With Mohs there is a lot of tissue being removed and manipulated so swelling can last for awhile. It takes about 2 weeks for the swelling to go down. Overall I usually tell people that it takes about 6 months to heal from a Mohs procedure and have an idea of what everything will look like. At that point you can explore options like lasers or things to help alleviate the scarring. Mederma isn't very helpful (at all) but you can safely be using it if you'd like.

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