Not happy with revision to 450cc cohesives done in 2014. (photos)

Contemplating a 2nd revision. I was looking for upper pole fullness from original augment of 330 salines in 2003- the Dr in 2014 just did implant exchange to 450 cohesives, with no pocket work. Have considered internal bra, but am also concerned with immune issues with alloderm, etc is used..? No they're not terrible, but wish I had perkier boobs. Am I wanting too much?

Note the last pic is how I would want my breasts to look following revision(using hand for illustration)

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Internal bra and implant options

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In order to give you an answer about upper pole fullness more information about the size and type of your implants is needed - are they form stable, shaped, or round? What profile? There are a lot of cohesive implants.Alloderm does not cause immune issues, but if you need an internal bra for implant support there are other options such as SERI and Galaflex mesh. The double bubble seen on the side view suggests that the implants may need to be positioned higher in order to give you the upper pole fullness that you want, but this may also require a lift because the nipples would be too low relative to the breast volume. Moving the implants up is a reason to consider internal support.

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Not happy with revision to 450cc cohesives done in 2014.

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No, I do not think that you are "wanting to much"; many patients have the same concerns. As you mentioned, capsulorraphy ( adjustment of the breast implant pockets) will be an important part of achieving your desired outcome and help improve the "double bubble" appearance. The use of acellular dermal matrix is not mandatory. You may find the attached link, dedicated to revisionary breast surgery concerns helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.


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It is difficult to assess from your photos the proportion and width of your chest.  The side view suggests a double bubble which should be addressed by your surgeon, and my limit the best implant size.

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