Titatinum Nose Implant and Meningitis?

My husband has had baterial meningitis 3 times in the last 3 months, he had an implant fitted in his nose 6 months ago. How can we find out if the implant if the cause of the meningitis?

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Titatinum Nose Implant and Meningitis

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Dear Hiley:

     I am sorry for your husband's plight. When you say "titanium nose implant" I am assuming this was related to some craniomaxillofacial trauma. If it was and involves the anterior cranial base your husband may have a CSF leak. He may have a persistent connection between the nasal cavity and the anterior cranial vault. If this sounds like your situation he should be evaluated by a skull-base surgeon. High resolution CT scanning is needed and if leaking clear fluid from his nose it should be collected and sent for beta-2-transferrin. This can be a very serious problem and a delay in treatment can be life-threatening. To find a skull base surgeon near you please contact the North American Skull Base Society. I hope this was helpful and good luck to you and your husband.

With kindest regards, I am


Stephen E. Metzinger MD MSPH FACS

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