Titan for "Turkey Neck" After Thermage Stops Working?

I'm 53 and am happy w/my face except for the vertical cords of loose skin on my neck. I've had Thermage 3x, each about a year apart and although the first couple treatments showed marked improvement, the last one did not. I'd like to avoid the knife if possible & am not a candidate for SmartLipo as this is simply loose skin, not fat. Would Titan work? Thanks in advance.

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Titan for Vertical Cords in Neck? Save Your Money

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The condition you are describing, known as "plastysmal bands" is best dealt with from a surgical approach, or platysmaplasty.  I have seen no evidence that Titan will improve this condition and would not suggest it to my patients.  In certain circumstances, Botox can help with platysmal bands, but not to the same degree or for as long as surgery. Platysmaplasty can be incorporated into a Facelift technique or in a limited incision neck lift, depending on the circumstances.

Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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"turkey neck" needs a surgical approach

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Although loose skin is a component of the condition described as a "turkey neck" the most important cause is a separation of the muscles under the skin. This is called the "platysma" and no amount of skin tightening will produce a good long-term result unless it is corrected. The procedure involves sewing the muscle together in the midline via a small incision under the chin, and is a routine part of a facelift but sometimes can be done as part of the neck only.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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