Will TITAN Soften Radiesse?

I am unhappy with Radiesse fillers in my cheecks. My doctor suggests the skin tight laser (TITAN, I think) to soften the filler which would allow it be "subtly re-molded." Will this procedure help and could it be harmful in anyway? Risks? Thank you!

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Skin Tightening After Radiesse Injections

Skin Tightening with TITAN ( infrared energy) is not likely to "melt" the Radiesse if that is what you are implying. However, sometimes the overall skin tightening might give you the subtlety you are looking for.

I usually recommend that patients not get discouraged for about 4 weeks after treatment to allow the swelling and deeper bruising to resolve as the new collagenesis begins!

swelling and deeper bruising to resolve as the new collagenesis begins

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Will TITAN Soften Radiesse?

 Sadly, No IMO.  Radiesse is injected within the fatty tissue layers of the cheeks and the Titan Laser's energy will not penetrate the skin to reach that level.  The lumpiness and volume of the Radiesse will slowly go down and IMHO it's best to just let it all go away on it's own.  After that you can Try Perlane or Cheek Implants...however, there's no inherent magic in any filler or implant.  The magic resides in understanding and following the proper aesthetics of facial beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attractive face.

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