TITAN Laser for Saggy Skin from Lipoatrophy?

I have Multiple Sclerosis and take an injection which causes lipatrophy. I have dimples and uneveness in my stomach and legs, as well as dimples and saggy skin on my lower buttocks. Is there something that could smooth these out? Could Titan Laser tighten up the skin on my butt, even if it doesn't remove dimples? I am 48 years old so I am sure some is attributed to age. I am 5'3, 125 lbs, a slim girl in good shape (so I am told).


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Torso Titan

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If your skin is not too lax and has not lost too much elasticity, Titan is worth considering. We have many patients who have Titan treatments in the areas you cite and they get excellent results. Make sure the professional doing the treatments has good experience. Results are very dependent on using excellent technique to perform treatments. This comes only with experience.

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