Titan for Eyes?

My main issue is my eyes. I am 39. One eye was damaged from the flu and the other from pink eye. Now it seems like anything can cause them to be puffy and asymetrical. I have already had the CO2 laser done. I am thinking for this I would need something to repair the deeper tissue damage. Could Titan or Thermage accomplish this?

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Skin Tightening Around the Eyes

Depending on the amount of skin laxity , the TITAN has proven to effectively improve the visible laxity of skin on the face, around the eyes and around the mouth.  We also suggest the Cutera GENESIS for collagen remodeling to improve the foundation of the dermis as well.

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Titan for eyes

The CO2 laser works only on the skin to tighten it. Is the puffiness related to fluid retention?  Is your problem skin, or fat pads pushing out. Titan and Thermage heat up the skin to have new collagen to be layer down. However, it is close to the eyeball and only the lower part of the eye can be successfully treated. Since eyelid skin is very thin, a repeat CO2 laser would be a better choice.


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