Can Titan Work for my Skin if Active FX Did Not?

I've read here that Active FX produces much better results than Titan. I had Active FX (two months ago) and had very little results around eyes, none on lower face. I was considering Titan, yet after reading the info here, it seems I would have even less results with Titan.

I thought perhaps the type of laser made the difference and the Active FX Laser just wasn't good for me. I was thinking that the Titan laser may be more suited to my skin? Is this possible, or if Active FX was not effective, can I assume Titan will not be effective as well? I am 51 years old and I'm also using Obagi system with Tretinoin.

Doctor Answers 1

Titan is for skin tightening not wrinkle removal, and can't be used around the eyes

Titan has no effect on the surface wrinkles and aging changes on the skin around the eyes. Titan is an infrared skin tightening machine, not a laser, and only heats the very deep part of the skin to cause a slight tightening. Titan is used on the cheeks and neck but cannot be used around the eyes.

Active FX is a frational ablative laser and if you did not get a result, as the doctor above said, the settings were not high enough and you did not get a deep enough treatment.

If you were my patient I would do another ActiveFx, do it deeper, and not charge you.

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