Tissue Loss After Fat Grafting

I had a face lift and fat grafting last August 2010. In all the places where I had the fat grafting, especially under my eyes where I had minimal hollows, some of my own original tissues have disappeared along with the fat grafting, making my whole face skeletonised. Has any surgeon here come across this phenomenum before and if so, what might be the reason and treatment? I am afraid to try any more fat grafting in case it worsens the situation. I now have very pronounced hollows under my eyes

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Fat grafting should not cause loss of original volume

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Adding more fat cells should not cause a loss of the original fat volume. Possibly the face lift pulled the skin and subcutaneous tissues to the adjoining areas in order to tighten and lift and now you're seeing that there is less volume in the area you want it.  Have your sugeon sit down with you and compare your preoperative photographs to your current condition.  He or she may say that more fat injections are worthwhile. Especially if you don't have a lift at the same time, you should be able to monitor the "take" of the new fat cells implanted in the desired areas.


















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Fat transfer and permanent results

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Dear Sally,

Fat transfers are made to be permenent and although you can have some regression in the amount of fat that is there, at least a third of it should stick around  There are a few different techniques involved in fat transfer.  Typically, you need to extract the fat gently, separate out the fat cells gently and then re-inject it. 

If you look at your before and after pictures and still notice no difference, then a touch up procedure may be indicated to replace the volume loss.


Nima Shemirani

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Ununusal for looking worse after fat

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I would most certainly suggest talking with your surgeon and reviewing your before photographs. It is highly unusual for native fat to be damaged after fat transfer and I have personally never heard of this happening. It is not uncommon for patients to forget how they looked before a procedure so I would certainly suggest comparing your current look with your before pictures before making any judgements.

D.J. Verret, MD
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