I Wonder if Tissue Grafting Can Fix the Nasolabial Fold Sulcus and Drooping Corners of the Mouth?

Some interesting stuff from Korean Plastic website with regards to lower part of face including nasal and drooping month end. It is as follows: Take some of the tissue (dermis) from butt tale part and through nose inside incision, place it repeatably (layer by layer of dermis) in the nasolabial fold sulcus and drooping corners of the mouth as well as skin relaxation of the sides of the mouth. Hope you find this helpful. Is there anything similar to the above done in the US or anywhere else?

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Derma-fat Grafts From Nasolabial Fold Softening and Corner of the Mouth Droop

What you are referring to is known as a dermal-fat graft. It is harvested from the lower buttock crease or any other large scar site and must be 7 cms in length for each side. A tunnel is then made from inside the nose right under the nasolabial fold down to the corner of the mouth. The dermal-fat graft (dermis side up) is then placed through tunnel and fixed to the corner of the mouth. It is then lifted and tightened from inside the nose and the excess trimmed and closed. In theory, this simultaneously softens the depth of the nasolabial fold and lifts the corner of the mouth. I have done this procedure numerous times and it does have its merits. But the issue is that it requires a harvest site and the buttock crease is almost always the best choice because of the thicker dermis. I have used the forehead skin from a pretrichial browlift as well because it also has a thick dermis and a long harvest strip. (although you have to be careful to remove all hair follicles. Does this procedure work? Yes but there are other simpler ways to achieve similar results .Fat graft injections combined with a corner of the mouth lift is another approach. But for the adventurous patient who does not mind a buttock scar, the dermal-fat graft approach is a reasonable option. 

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Filling in the nasolabial folds


-There are different material that can be used for filling in wrinkles and folds

-Typically, we as plastic surgeon do what works best in our hands

-I prefer using fat grafting because my results are predictable and patients are happy

-With that said, you can use fascia from other parts of the body, but you should look at before and after pics.  If it is not done properly, you could have rolls under the skin that looks unnatural.

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