Tissue Graft for Inner Eyelid Scar Tissue?

Scarring inside the outer corners of my eyelids pulls the lids down, causing ptosis. I have dry eyes. I was told years ago that cutting the scar tissue would make it worse. I recently heard that there is a new technique where healthy tissue from one portion of the eyelid is transplanted to the scarred area, which is cut away. Besides giving me a better cosmetic result, would it make my eyes moister, since the scars cover up some tear glands?

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You can certainly do tissue grafts to raise and reconstruct the eyelid

You can certainly do tissue grafts to raise and reconstruct the eyelid. Tissue can be taken from the other eyelid or from the roof of the mouth (which is an area that you don’t see as much as the eyelid and is usually preferred). This tissue can be used to reconstruct and lift the lid very nicely. These are actually not new techniques they’re techniques that have been around for a while.

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Eyelid scar

Since you talk about pulling down the eyelid I assume you are talking about the lower eyelid. Scar tissue or overly aggressive skin removal can cause scar contracture or ectropion. Minor scarring will improve over time as the scar matures, softens and stretches. More severe that causes epiphora or tearing or dry eyes due to inability to close the eyes may need various techniques. You can have the eyelid partially and temporarily sutured together to protect the cornea. Grafting with cartilage, palatal mucosa, or even skin may be needed for more serious cases.

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Eyelid scar

I am not sure why you have scar in your eyelids. If you had surgery before the scaring can cause dry eyes and possible eyelid malpositioning. Skin graft and mucosal graft are both viable options and can correct your condition. I agree with everyone else here that you should see a surgeon in person to get a more accurate assessment.

Norman Ge, MD
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Tissue Graft for Inner Eyelid Scar Tissue?

Not only a tough question to respond to but impossible! You need ONLY in person evaluation for your issues. Over the internet you need to offer many more specific details. Seek in person evaluations . Regards Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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Tissue Graft for Inner Eyelid Scar Tissue?

If you send a picture, it would be helpful in understanding what is going on.  However, if you have scarring in the outside corner of your eye pulling your upper eyelid down and causing ptosis, then there are things that can be done, but I am not sure what I would recommend without seeing you.  If the problem involves the lower eyelid being pulled down because of scarring, then a graft may certainly help.  The exact procedure would depend on your actual examination.  This would likely help your dry eyes as well.  Consultation with an Oculoplastic surgeon is necessary.

Sam Goldberger, MD
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You need to see an oculoplastic surgeon

Dear Eyeswide

You best option is to see an experienced oculoplastic surgeon.  Skin grafts are aesthetically objectionable on the eyelids.  There are many reconstructive options to address this types of problems that have been developed to avoid skin grafts.  Unfortunately, without a photograph it is hard to understand what you are describing.  The best option is to have an actual consultation to determine what is best for you situation.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Eyelid scarring

Correcting scar tissue (?symblepharon or variation) doesn't necessarily cause the dry eyes to get worse.  I recommend consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon to discuss treatment options.

Dr Taban

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Eyelids and scarring

Tough question to answer without an exam, but I think you mean you have an ectropion not ptosis fromt he scarring. It sounds like from your decsription that you need a graft to allow your eyelid to be more supple.

Steven Wallach, MD
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