Is Tissue Expansion a Good Way to Remove a Depressed Scar on the Face? (photo)

I did a fusiform excision to remove a round depressed scar 4 years ago. And it become a linear scar, with "dog ears". It was not that obvious in the last 4 years. But recently a suture hole near one of the dog ears, is getting bigger and bigger, I think it's because of the strech. Now it's a 4mm dia. round scar at the end of the line scar, and it's a little depressed and shiny comparing with the surronding skin. Can we use a tissue expaner at the dog ear place, to remove the round scar near it?

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Depressed Scar Treatment

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Putting in expanders, expanding them and rotating the exces cheek skin by leaving you a scar along the nasollabial fold  and the side of the nose is over kill for your deformity. The result is satisafactoy but you may want to use fillers and laser resurfacing to smooth it further.

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