What To Expect With Tissue Expander As Far As Pain and Placement?

I am almost done with my TE fills after BMX in May. The pain requires Hydrocodone and Valium regularly. The expanders dig into my armpits, are very high on my chest, stick out on the sides, are about 1/2 inch higher than my IM fold, 3 inches apart and are very flat. My plastic surgeon said pain is normal and the TE are only making space for the implants and not to worry. Does this sound right? Thanks

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Tissue Expander Pain?#breastreconstruction

It sounds very right. I perform many of these a week and 99% of patients will describe exactly what you are saying. The first stage is the hardest part. You are trying to get used to these big hard balloons, deal with the emotion of it all, and if that is not enough have multiple aches and pains all over as we stretch your skin. Just look at what I am writing. It is so much at one time for anybody. There is a reason that women are stronger. We men would be crying all the way home. So, try to keep your chin up, get past this phase because the implants will be so much better. You may still have aches and pains here and there for while after your final implants but it will be so much better. I am usually the hero after stage II because the silicone implants feel so much better. Good luck!!! You are doing great in your battle!!!

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