Can a Tissue Expander Create More Scalp Skin in Order to Adequately Allow It to Cover/stretch over a Specific Area or Bald Area?

Can a Tissue Expander Create More Scalp Skin in Order to Adequately Allow It to Cover/stretch over a Specific Area or Bald Area?

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Hair Restoration

Both scalp reduction and flap-based hair restoration surgeries are no longer used except in very rare cases. For scalp reduction surgery, the four main methods are based on excision patterns. The scalp is cut and stretched where there is baldness, with hair-bearing skin replacing the excised area. With TPO flaps, sections are taken from hair-bearing areas — typically the sides of the scalp — and rotated, then placed on bald areas. Both surgeries are more invasive than hair transplantation. However, scalp reduction or TPO flap surgery may be used on select patients for hair restoration due to burns or accidents. Hair restoration is best achieved with hair transplantation. This type of surgery excises individual hair follicles from a donor area on the scalp and replaces them where there is hair loss.

There are three methods of hair transplantation: punch grafts, micro-grafting and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Punch grafts and micro-grafting are also outdated and no longer used due to scarring and unattractive results. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is an advanced technique of FUT and a less invasive hair transplantation surgery with minimal scarring and faster recovery.

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Tissue expansion for hair loss

When you do your own research into tissue expansion for hair loss, you are going to see that this a multi-step, laborious, and risky process.  Do yourself a favor and get an in-person consultation regarding hair transplant options in our Milwaukee office.  Hair transplantation surgery is safe, effective, done under local anesthetic, and heals remarkably well.  The donor site scar can be virtually imperceptible to onlookers.  The transplanted hair is permanent and natural looking.  The downtime from this surgery is minimal and you will be back to most activities almost right away.  I mean it: right away.  Thank you.

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Tissue expansion to remove bald skin.

Tissue expansion to remove bald skin was pioneered by us and we wrote a book about this 20 years ago. We routinely stretch the scalp to remove bald skin or do the Fleming-Mayer Flap.

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