Tissue Expander Capacity?

I just recently had my tissue expansions replaced due to leakage. I have 133 mx 14. Can someone please tell me what the fill capacity is and what the overfill capacity is? Ive tried looking it up, but to no avail. Thank you.

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Allergan Tissue Expander Fill Volume

The 133MX-14 is a moderate height breast tissue expander used in breast reconstruction that is manufactured by Allergan.  The "M" means moderate height and the "14" indicates a base width of 14 cm.  The manufacturer's suggested fill volume for the 133MX-14 is 600 cc or milliliters.  This means that at 600cc, the tissue expander is fully inflated and should have no wrinkles.  Tissue expanders are temporary devices designed solely to expand tissues to accommodate the final breast implant.  There is no manufacturer's suggested filling range as exists for breast implants.  The amount of saline inserted into an expander is determined by the expansion needs of the individual patient.  Overfilling is commonly done, if needed, but no maximum limit is set by the manufacturer.  If the desired expansion is reached before 600cc is inserted, no more saline is required.  Tissue expanders can rupture for no apparent reason just like an automobile tire can have a blowout.  Needle sticks during the filling process or during surgery can damage tissue expanders and cause leaking.  Tissue expanders are stiff in their construction to withstand needle sticks and expansion.  This stiffness can cause wear points between the stiff part of the expander and the softer part of the expander.  These wear points can cause rupture in tissue expanders that are left in place for a long period of time.  I suggest that you discuss your concerns and your questions with your operating surgeon.  He or she will be aware of the specifics of your situation and be able to give you the most accurate information.     

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Tissue Expander Capacity?

The recommended fill for this implant is 600cc. Tissue expanders can be overfilled the major issue I have seen is not rupture but rather that the implant becomes more round and can flip around so that the fill area is against the chest wall. Filling the implant 100cc to 150cc over 600cc is usually fine. 

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Fill capacity for tissue expander.

Each tissue expander has a manufacturer recommended fill capacity.  There is some play in the capacity but there is most certainly a range.

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Tissue Expander Capacity?

It all depends on the type of expander you have 

Expanders have a recommended fill volume,a minimal recommended fill volume and a maximal recommended fill volume. However these volumes can be exceeded if medically necessary as an off label use.It is usually the tissues that restrict expansion rather than the tissue expander 

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Tissue Expander fill volume

This expander can be filled from 500 cc up to 800 cc.    I would base the fill volume on your desired breast shape primarily.  Once you feel happy with your breast size in clothing, I would recommend a 10% over expansion, followed by a 1 month wait period to allow the skin to relax to the current fill volume.  At this point, the expanders could be replaced for implants as an outpatient procedure.   Silicone implants currently do not come in sizes greater than 800cc.

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Tissue expander fill volume

Hello there.  There is no set fill capacity.  The 133MV-14 can be filled minimum 500cc.  It can be overfill to 800cc or more.  However, the largest silicone implant is 800cc.  Good luck to you.

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