Has Tissue Damage Occurred from the Inside of my Breast During Surgery?

4weeks post op and waiting for my left breast to drop and resemble my right but I am afraid it never will. After surgery it was very bruised and is still more painful than the other. What worries me is that the nipple is now smaller on the side the dr cut and there seems to be a cut on the inside of my breast that is covered by a thin layer of skin. It looks like damage occurred during surgery. My breast does not look natural, sits much higher than the other and feels different.

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Breasts are uneven and unnatural after Augmentation

  After four weeks, your breast implants should have "fallen" into position at the inferior line of your breast.  If one is perfect and the other one is still high and unnatural something may be wrong inside.  It sounds a bit like you may have had a hematoma, or bleeding, inside the pocket of your breast.  This could cause inflammation and scarring that may be preventing your implants from dropping.  You should be massaging your breasts three times daily and be as aggressive as you can without causing pain.  Also, talk to your plastic surgeon about this and make sure they understand your concern.  Good luck, Erez Sternberg, MD.

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Hematoma After Breast Surgery

The combination of early swelling, pain, nipple sensory loss and mismatch is highly suggestive of a hematoma (blood collection) in your left breast. This needs to be surgically drained to reduce the risk for future infection and capsular contracture. If your implant is above the muscle, the skin thinning and nipple change are probably due to the cutting for the pocket, which may have damaged the nerve to the nipple. You may require a change to a sub-muscular pocket to mask surface irregularities.

Karen Vaniver, MD
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Tissue damage from breast surgery

All surgical procedures cause some degree of tissue damage which heal and settle with time. It sounds like there has been some bleeding. Any significant collection of blood around a breast implant needs to be drained - so, please see your surgeon.

Anindya Lahiri, FRCS (Plast)
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Sounds like a hematoma

I recommend that you see your surgeon as soon as possible.  If you have a hematoma - this needs to be drained.  If there is no hematoma - strapping may be used to move the implants up or down.

Hilton Becker, MD
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You may have hematoma

You need to see your surgeo and evaluate for hematoma around implant. If you have hematoma,you will need surgery and drainage of the blood cloth.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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